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Xbox Announces xCloud Coming to Game Pass Ultimate Subscription

Today, Phil Spencer announced in a blog post that xCloud will be added to the Game Pass Ultimate subscription at no additional cost or increase to the subscription price. The update to the Game Pass Ultimate subscription will be implemented in September with no exact date listed. For those unaware, xCloud is Xbox's new streaming service that utilizes Microsoft's Azure servers for cloud gaming and is available as a beta program on both Android and iOS. Android has over 50 games available with console streaming while iOS users only have the Master Chief Collection available to them thanks to Apple's App Store policy.

At launch, xCloud will make available all Game Pass games, and your entire library of Xbox games available to you to stream through the cloud. For those who do not have Game Pass Ultimate, console streaming will be free to all Xbox users.

In addition to today's news, eagle eye'd Xbox users noticed a change to Xbox Live Gold's subscription plans with the absence of the Annual option, leading to speculation that Xbox Live Gold will eventually be discontinued for one unified service under the Game Pass Ultimate. More details regarding updates to xCloud and Game Pass will be announced in the coming months leading up to the Xbox Series X launch this Holiday season so please stay tuned here at for any and all updates.


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